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Project Overview

TypeEnterprise-grade BlockchainKeywordEnterprise, Business, Hybrid, Cloud, Platform
TokenINSToken TypeToken
Circulating Supply$9.18MMarket Cap ranking238
Volume of Trade (avg of the last 20 days)$0.86MVolume of Trade ranking175
Current Price vs DPC index in Change26.90%Current Price vs Initial Offering Price-65%


Insolar is a 4th generation blockchain platform that features the most complete and secure set of production-ready business blockchain tools and services to quickly build and launch blockchain enterprise applications, accelerating the progression path from initial proof-of-concept to full-scale production.

According to early official materials, Insolar was previously INS Ecosystem, a global decentralized ecosystem directly connecting grocery manufacturers and consumers, to surpass the existing retail chains and reduce the cost in daily consumption. A couple of mouths ago, INS Ecosystem rebranded to insolar, aiming to building an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust.

Insolar presents a new vision for blockchain in which key features such as network capacity, consensus and compliance are addressed in a way that will enable shared business processes and optimize contractual transactions for enterprise processes.

The Insolar platform offers flexible governance that allows users to choose between an Insolar public network or creating a domain with its own rules, whether that means a stand-alone private network with its own servers, or a permissioned network with resources provided by ecosystem members — enabling distributed business networks where everyone can select the features that best meet their needs.

Insolar’s smart contracts are designed with enterprise developers’ needs in mind, being streamlined to work with business logic, and easy to develop using Golang and soon Java. Moreover, Insolar has features to provide adequate data safety to run business in public networks and in full compliance with regulations such as the GDPR or country/company-specific cryptography standards.

The vision of Insolar is to facilitate seamless interactions between companies, distributing trust to open up new opportunities for growth. The Insolar platform is built to satisfy enterprise requirements, combining distributed and cloud technologies to introduce dozens of industry-first features.


Trend Outlook

Insolar, a pragmatic and actively growing project, has grasped a lot of attention recently.

The top 1 trader on tradingview EXCAVO published a very positive view on Insolar (https://www.tradingview.com/chart/INSBTC/tp38ZeVJ-Insolar/ ), expecting a significant long-term growth for INS. However, the technical analysis for the token price is just for reference. In fact, the price of token is driven by the expectation of intrinsic value in the project.

Insolar has a great team and they have done a great job recently. There is a great progress in their code updates, they are currently ranked No.1 in Github commits by https://www.cryptomiso.com metrics.

Insolar has a large team of 70 people in total, with 35 engineers, 10 researchers and 20 marketing and business development professionals. Insolar cooperates with world's leading blockchain academics from York University, ETH Zurich and Princeton.

Insolar’s Testnet was successfully launched on January 22, 2019. Insolar’s Mainnet is launching in mid-2019.

With these great news, the price of INS also has an active reaction. In short term, if the crypto market continues to going up, Insolar has a great potential to show a better performance (Outperform the average). Insolar is building an open source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to power interactions between companies. This is a great vision targeting a huge market that is predicted to reach $38 billion by 2021 and $3 trillion by 2030. However, huge vision means great challenge as well. There are already many blockchain projects targeting this market, and expanding enterprise cooperation is really difficult. After completing the infrastructure for enterprise service, building a robust enterprise-level ecosystem will be the next great journey for Insolar. In the long term, Insolar (INS) has a lot of potential to move against the market trend as a valuable ecosystem develops.

Market Cap Outlook

Time SpanTrendMarket Cap ExpectationOverall Expectation
Short-termFollow or slightly above the marketTop 150Positive
Long-termDepends on the ecosystem developmentTop 100Positive

Rating Overview

Qualification: Bb

  • Insolar has a great vision and a well-equipped team.
  • The project is targetting a huge market.
  • A potential of development in the communities (four languages).
  • Active movements in code update.

Risk: Medium

  • Expanding Enterprise Eco is difficult. Potential risk for project failure.
  • Community is relatively inactive.
  • Potential risk for price manipulation. Small market cap.

A. Project Fundamental


Insolar is building a 4th generation blockchain platform for business aimed to enable seamless interactions between companies and unlock new growth opportunities. In addition to the blockchain platform, Insolar will provide blockchain services and ecosystem support for companies that are looking to develop and deploy blockchain solutions. Insolar will feature most complete and secure set of production-ready business blockchain tools and services to quickly build or launch blockchain enterprise applications, accelerating the progression path from initial proof-of-concept to full-scale production.

The world’s most innovative companies in finance, logistics, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and others will be turning to Insolar to create applications and networks that deliver tangible business success. They recognise that even in today’s digital economy, vast amounts of value continue to be trapped inside processes and organisations that don’t connect. Insolar is their remedy, helping them discover and design business value in blockchain networks - starting, accelerating and innovating strategies that replace longstanding business friction with trust and transparency. Delegating trust to a blockchain means that businesses can pursue broader networks, onboard new partners, and enter new ecosystems with ease. Blockchain-based networks that support multiparty collaboration around shared, trusted data and process automation across organisational boundaries bring benefits at many levels, starting with efficiency gains and culminating in reinventing how entire industry ecosystems operate.

Comparison between Insolar and other Blockchains


Insolar Architecture Basics

  • Domain

Domains manage and adjust Insolar capabilities to different applications by establishing work rules, policies, standards, generic processes and data formats. Insolar only registers domains. Management procedures are defined by each domain individually.

  • Contracts

Insolar is a unified platform designed on the everything-is-a-contract principle. Contracts include a compact, stand-alone application (smart contract), a contract aggregator, an oracle providing access to an external system, etc. Contracts guarantee full compliance with the rules established by domains.

  • Clouds

Insolar's cloud is a set of nodes represented by computing power and storage providers. Clouds ensure storage and the execution of contracts in domains bound to the cloud. A standard cloud implementation is based on blockchain technology. Alternatively, a cloud may be implemented on a single node, via DBMS, for example.

Illustration of Insolar Federation of Clouds

Blockchain technology enables a fundamentally new way to transact business. Gartner predicts that the business value added by blockchain will grow to $38 billion by 2021, then surge to more than $3 trillion by 2030 with 22% of that coming from intercompany interactions.

Largest public companies across different industries exploring blockchain

To power the shared network infrastructure, Insolar is building a comprehensive enterprise-grade blockchain platform. Insolar blockchain technology introduces “distributed trust”: Information monopolies are overcome. No single party controls the network. Participants establish and maintain a single version of the truth via consensus. There is no need to entrust any network participant, let alone a third-party, with accessing, owning or modifying data. Costs and risk are reduced, efficiency increased, and new business models can arise.


Insolar has a great vision but have a long way to go. Big companies are developing their own blockchain technology. Building enterprise Ecosystem would become a challenging task for Insolar.

DimensionDetailsTotal PointsPoints
PositionEnterprise-grade Blockchain Platform1514
Competitive advantagesStrong team, Advanced technology, Industrial knowledge 54
NecessityStrong demand,Has token incentive mechanism158

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B. Team


Core member section:

MembersOfficial introductionComment
Andrey Zhulin (CEO, Founder)Andrey founded Insolar in 2018. He is a tech entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of building successful companies. Before launching Insolar, he successfully launched another company in the consumer internet space. Earlier, he worked in venture capital and investment banking at Goldman Sachs.Andrey holds a PgD in Quantitative Finance from University of London, and a Master's degree in Science in Engineering (honors) from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
Peter Fedchenkov (Founder)An experienced entrepreneur with deep expertise in technology and supply chain. Previously co-founded Instamart, the largest venture-backed online grocery delivery operator in Eastern Europe, which raised more than $15M which was invested by Mail.Ru Group (LSE:MAIL), a former Vice-President of Walmart and a Vice-Chairman of Jet.com, among others. Earlier, Peter was a private equity professional with the Internet & Technology group of Baring Vostok Capital Partners, the leading growth equity fund in Eastern Europe with over $3.7B in assets under management. Previously, he was an investment banker with Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. Prior to his careers in private equity and finance, Peter worked at IBM. Frequent speaker at business and technology conferences organised by Harvard Business Review, the World Digital Assets Summit, and other major events.Harvard Business School MBA
Dmitry Zhulin (Founder)Dmitry is an experienced venture capital and private equity professional with focus on technology. He has 5 years of investing experience in bitcoin and crypto-assets. He was previously with VTB Capital Private Equity, Rothschild and PwC.Dmitry holds a PgD in Quantitative Finance from University of London, and a Master's degree in Science in Engineering (honors) from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
Pavel Sсherbinin (CTO)Pavel is an experienced engineer with great passion for security and cryptography and 10+ years’ experience in development of large scale high-load systems. Likes to tackle hard distributed problems and turn potential technologies into practical application.Previously was a Chief Technology Officer at Mail.Ru Group
Kirill Ivkushkin (Chief Architect)Kirill is a versatile IT architect with 20+ years of IT experience in designing, building and running different kinds of enterprise solutions, incl. various logistic systems, high-load and high-scale systems, and large corporate IT landscapes (500+ systems). He has over 6 years' experience in blockchain technologies with deep hands-on exposure. Keynote speaker at major blockchain events and meetups, including events for parliament representatives, ministries, international committees, etc. Member and deputy lead of Distributed Ledger Group of FinTech Assotiation in Eastern Europe.

Consultant and investor section:

On the official team page, there are no information about consultant and investor. Form other sources, it could be found that Blockchain Ventures and Collinstar invested.


Insolar was co-founded by Peter Fedchenkov, Dmitry Zhulin and Andrey Zhulin. All of them previously co-founded Instamart, the largest venture-backed online grocery delivery operator in Eastern Europe, which raised more than $15M which was invested by Mail.Ru Group (LSE:MAIL), a former Vice-President of Walmart and a Vice-Chairman of Jet.com , among others.

Insolar gathered one of the strongest teams in crypto of 70 full time employees https://insolar.io/team.html. With a tech team of 35 engineers, Insolar has done a great progress in their code development, and become outstanding from many projects.

Insolar has been ranked #1 globally in terms of development activity amongst blockchain companies according to Cryptomiso.

These achievements are attributed to the 35-person-strong engineering team with blockchain and high-load systems engineering know-how.

Some of the Insolar Tech Team Members

The team is well-funded and have members from various fields. They have domain knowledge in Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, supply chain, retail, logistics, energy, and finance. This offers enough support when facing the huge market of enterprise business cooperation. The team is also supported by researchers from major academic institutions like York University, Princeton, and ETH Zurich. By this, It could help Insolar to grasp the cutting-edge blockchain research from the academia.


This is a well-equipped team. Insolar has done a great job in the past 6 mouths. They are well positioned to capitalize on this market opportunity. After completing the infrastructure of the project, the marketing and business development team needs to take more effort in building the enterprise ecosystem upon the chain that would the next tough battle for Insolar. There is still a long way to go for Insolar to touch their vision.

DimensionDetailsTotal PointsPoints
Executive TeamThe strong team matches the project well,Relatively resourceful3026
Investors and advisorsN/A5N/A
Institution investorsRenowned institution investors54

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C. Community and Popularity


  • Media and Community

Twitter Insolar has 19.1K followers, but compared with high following rate, the interactions from users are relatively low. Telegram has 12.7k members and activities on the chat is moderate.

  • Google Trends

The Google Trends shows that index of Insolar peaked at 1oo in March 2018 and the average is above 50. This shows there are continuous attention on Insolar.

  • Liquidity support

INS is listed on at least 9 exchanges now, including the world's largest crypto spot exchange Binance,leading exchanges in Korean (Bithumb) and China (OKEx). Huge volume on Binance and Bithumb offers great liquidity support for INS.


Insolar needs to build stronger community. Despite this, Insolar built communities in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, and also maintained a multi-language blog on Medium. It shows that the team has a positive attitude on expanding their community in these areas, although the English community is the most active one.

Insolar has a high search index in Google and a high volume in exchanges. Liquidity support is very important for small cap token. Binance and Bithumb offer a great support for INS trading. This increases the availability of the token and thus lower the threshold to participating in the project.


There is still much room for improvement in community activities. Non-English communities still need to develop and operate. Liquidity support for the token is good.

DimensionDetailsTotal PointsPoints
Social Media and Search TrendsPopularity is high with low interactivity and high google search index,53
CommunityHigh popularity with a moderate activities on chat106
PR EventsLots of PR events53

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D. Adjustables


  • Roadmap

According to the official roadmap, the development of the project is progressing as scheduled.

FoundedAug 2018Completed
Private TestnetJan 22, 2019Successfully launched
Public TestnetApr 2019N/A
MainnetJul 2020N/A
Enterprise AppsQ3 2019N/A
Insolar MarketplaceQ4 2019N/A

  • Code Audit

The github address of Insolar is https://github.com/insolar/insolar. Audit data shows as follows:

RankProjectOverall RatingPopularityDevelopersUpdate RateSubmitsUpdate TypeMarket Cap
Aug Code Quality
Sep Code Quality
Oct Code Quality


Data shows the code quality of Insolar project has a steady increase in recent months, and the popularity of the code is growing.


It could be found that there is a significant gap during 2018 on the Roadmap of Insolar. This is quite abnormal. People is wondering if the project(INS ecosystem) has ever experienced a long delay. We can see similar pattern in their code update history. As follows:

From the project history, we know that Insolar is rebranded from INS ecosystem, but there are no evidence of the progress of previous INS project from the end of 2017 to June 2018. Its imformation was directly wiped out from the roadmap. This is not good for project transparency and might leave a historical stain on the project.

The data from DPRating Code Audit and Cryptomiso both witnesses the active development of Insolar. Actice code updates makes Insolar stand out from other blockchain projects. Insolar gained a good reputation, this attracts more investors and developer participating in the project.


Code development is great and has attracted a lot of attention.

DimensionDetailsTotal PointsPoints
Fulfillment trackingOn schedule21
Github AuditExcellent33
ProgressHas a testnet53

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Rating Metrics

First dimensionSecond dimensionThird dimensionDetailsJudgementPoints
ProjectPosition 15%Position 15%Public chainEnterprise-grade Blockchain Platform14
Competitive advantages 5%First mover 2%First moverStrong team, Advanced technology, Industrial knowledge 2
Innovative 3%Lots of innovation2
Necessity 15%Is it Pain point 5% Strong demandStrong demand4
Token incentive 10%Has token incentive mechanismHas token incentive mechanism4
TeamExecutive Team 30%Team profile and project matchLevel of Match is very highThe strong team matches the project well10
Software development experience 10%Led a blockchain project8
Operation expertience 5%Has experience5
Other industry resources 5%Relatively resourcefulRelatively resourceful3
Investors and advisors 5%Level of influence 3%N/AN/AN/A
Relativity 2%N/AN/A
Institution investors 5%Institution investors 5%Renowned institution investorsRenowned institution investors4
Community and popularitySocial Media and Search Trends 5%Popularity 1%HighPopularity is high with low interactivity and high google search index,1
Interactivity 2%Low0
Search popularity 2%High2
Community 10%Popularity 3%HighHigh popularity with a moderate activities on chat3
Interactivity 7%Medium3
PR Events 5%PR Events 5%Lots of PR eventsLots of PR events3
AdjustablesFulfillment tracking 2%Fulfillment tracking 2%On scheduleOn schedule1
Github Audit 3%Github Audit 3%ExcellentExcellent3
Progress 5%Progress 5%Has a testnetHas a testnet3
Total points79
Overall ratingBb

Risk Metrics

First dimensionSecond dimensionThird dimensionDetailsPoints
TransparencyBasic informationWhitepaperHas whitepaper1
Social media and communication channelsHas many communication channels including Youtube, forum, reddit, developers community etc.2
GithubOpen source2
Core teamTeam’s recordsVerifiable and very detailed (Through LInkedin, ITJUZI or other channels)1
Full-time or part-timeAll employees are full-time1
Operation timeMore than 1 year2
Has an physical entity?Yes1
Change of teamNo changes0
AuthenticityTeam members’ experienceTeam members’ experienceInformation is authentic1
Industry resourcesIndustry resourcesIndustry resource is authentic1
PopularityPopularityAuthentic popularity1
Marketing and PRMarketing and PRNo exaggeration in Marketing and PR0
Fundraising and complianceFundraising roundsRatio of price in each roundRatio is reasonable1
Ratio of the total funding in each roundRatio is reasonable1
Lock-up Team lock-upLock-up period is reasonable considering the road-map1
Investor lock-upLock-up period is reasonable1
Budget disclosureBudget disclosureNo budget disclosure-1
Additional issuanceAdditional issuanceAdditional issuance within a reasonable range1
Fund supervisionFund supervisionNo fund supervision0
ComplianceRegulationLow policy risk1
KYCReasonable KYC1
AdjustableEstimated market capEstimated Market capMedium0
Total points19
Overall ratingmedium

Rating Description

Rating Time:
22 Jan 2019
Project Source:
The Insolar team or community user took the initiative to apply for a rating and burned 8000000 RATING for priority in rating order.
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Token Symbol
Crowdfunding Price
0.00333 ETH
Total Supply
Circulation Supply
Crowdfunding Start Time
03 Dec, 2017
Crowdfunding End Time
24 Dec, 2017
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